The Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is proud to support the Mountain View Neighbours group in celebrating the installation of street banners along Fraser Street from 25th Avenue to 33rd Avenue. As well, it is excited by the series of new street plaques featuring Fraser Street archival factoids, and this website that will be helping to build community in our area.

In partnership with Ledingham McAllister, the Mountain View Neighbourhood group has worked to fund, design, and install a series of 4 unique banners featuring images from the city archives relevant to the Fraser Street area that have been unfurled in Spring 2011. As Ledingham McAllister is now constructing a housing complex titled, the Century, we found it fitting to design the banners with a historic theme.

With the help of funding from the Vancouver 125th Anniversary Grants, the Mountain View Neighbourhood group has been lucky to make this project possible. As well, the City of Vancouver matched our in-kind work with their Parks Board Matching Fund. This shows us the power of a neighbourhood working to make an idea come to life. We thank everyone for their hard work.




The Mountain View Residents Group is working in partnership with the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House as it has done for many years with previous projects. Cedar Cottage is supportive of the efforts of this group in their community projects and has acted as a liason for similar projects of banners and murals.


As the developer of the new housing complex on Fraser Street, the Century, Ledingham McAllister was approached to start a partnership with the Mountain View Residents Group to revitalize the banners from 25th Avenue to 33rd Avenue of Fraser. They have been generous in funding part of the banner costs as well as providing design for the banners.


Mike Klassen, Lilli Wong, Jackie Larson, Sharole Tylor – volunteer residents


SPECIAL THANKS to those people who have been instrumental in helping this project along. We were inspired by the work of the V2K plaques and received a big hand from Barbara Contstantine, Daniel Paquin, Marcia Belluce and Bryan Newson on the City of Vancouver team. Kelly Woods and Donna Chang from Cedar Cottage have been our guiding contacts at the Neighbourhood House and helped to kickstart the project and keep it on track. Robin Naiman from Mountain View Cemetery, as well as historian, John Atkin, were invaluable with their historic knowledge and help in keeping our information accurate. And lastly, thanks to Lorraine Munro and her crew at Signs BC Unlimited for getting the printing and installation details for us.