CCNH Youth Club

Board of Directors at Cedar Cottage Youth Club ca. 1952

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is a welcoming place for the residents of Kensington-Cedar Cottage. Set among historic sites of Vancouver, like the old Selkirk School, Brewer’s Park, and the site of the old dairy farm (now Gladstone High School), the Neighbourhood House is a piece of the past still bringing its community together.

The Cedar Cottage area gets its name from the first settlers of this land who built small cedar cottages along the rough roads and forests. It was then a primarily working class neighbourhood and remains so today.

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House was established in 1950 by five fathers who wanted to get their boys off the street and started the Youth Club located at Lord Selkirk School grounds. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, the neighbourhood was a bit rough and high school gangs were common. This Youth Club provided a range of sports leagues, school clubs, and family support. Eventually, registered society status and a partnership with the Alexandra Neighbourhood House, allowed this organization to flourish into the

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House. Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is a not for profit, non-governmental, community based social service organization that builds healthy, inclusive and caring neighbourhoods.

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