Mountain View Cemetery Jewish section in 1910

Mountain View Cemetery Jewish section in 1910

Mountain View Cemetery is the only cemetery in the City of Vancouver and one of the oldest in the region. Opened in 1887, the cemetery covers the land between 31st and 43rd Avenues. With its beautiful vistas and now central location, its easy to see why it’s the final resting place of almost 150,000 people, many notable citizens and historic residents, each with an interesting story.

The Mountain View Cemetery had humble beginnings. Harold E. Ridley, interviewed by the city archivist in 1934, recalled it as having been “through the trees; there was corduroy road along the edge of the Tea Swamp, we climbed the hill, and on top of it was the cemetery, just a hole in the forest, about an acre, still in the rough, some stumps, no grass, no gravestones”.

Today it is a changed place with its natural and built landscapes, the grounds provide stunning views of the mountain and the city with accents of mature heritage trees. Home to wildlife, award winning architecture and artistic markers, the grounds have become places of interest as pedestrians discover its quiet paths. With many historical burial sites grouped together by religion (e.g. Jewish), nationality (e.g. Chinese or Japanese), or organizational affiliation (e.g. Freemasons and Oddfellows), as well as pauper and war veterans, the cemetery offers much to explore and discover.

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The first caretaker's cottage at Mountain View Cemetery